No notes for slideSome people feel like they don’t have enough energy to exercise. But, if you give it a chance, you’ll find that physical activity gives you more energy than you’ve ever had – allowing you to do the things you previously felt you didn’t have enough energy to do.

Exercise boosts your metabolism and helps you burn extra calories, even after you’re done exercising GETTING. TIRED!! ENDURANCE. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Your legs, arms Dancers tend to have a lack of cardiovascular fitness due to the fact that often .


The pounds come off faster and stay off if you add exercise. Even a small amount of weight loss (10-20 lbs) can improve your blood glucose levels if you’re overweight.

Exercise can help you stay independent as you get older. It decreases the risk of muscle and joint injury, aches and pains.

Physical activity helps not only prevent muscle loss, but also build muscle and lose fat. Studies show that regular physical activity can help prevent some of the sexual problems that can be caused by aging, lack of physical activity, and high blood glucose levels.

Regular physical activity can improve your self-image, make you feel better about yourself, and lift your mood.

You can not only make yourself happier, but also those around you Improve the health, fitness and quality of life of Americans by promoting Needs. We need to make our roads safer for bicyclists, and also consider the needs of .

In fact, exercise training has been shown to be comparable to seeing a therapist or taking medication for depression. If you overeat as a way to cope with stress, you’ll find that exercise is a better coping mechanism. If you have type 2 diabetes, exercise can improve your blood glucose control.

When you have diabetes, you have a much higher risk of heart disease, so exercise is especially beneficial to your heart.

It’s been said that instead of checking with your doctor to see if you can exercise, people with diabetes should check with their doctor if they are thinking of NOT exercising. It is recommended to find out if you have any limitations (we don’t mean excuses!) and if you should emphasize certain types of activities over others if you are over 35 years old, have had diabetes for more than 10 years, or have certain medical conditions.

This does NOT mean you shouldn’t exercise! It simply means talk to your doctor so they can support you in your effort and help you come up with safe and enjoyable ways of increasing your activity level.

When you do activities like walking, mowing the lawn, dancing, swimming, biking, or vacuuming, you use the large muscles in your body in a continuous, repetitive way “I like it (CLUB1) because no one judges your fitness”. “It has increased my confidence to come to the gym. I have now joined and can come on my own”. Click to .

These types of activities can improve your health by strengthening your muscles (including your heart), promoting weight loss, reducing blood glucose, and improving your stamina and energy level. Activities that require pushing, pulling, and lifting – or resistance activities – can help strengthen specific muscles or groups of muscles.

They also improve balance and reduce risk of falls, reduce your risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture, increase your energy level and increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Stretching improves your balance and coordination. Stretch during breaks throughout the day and after you complete your exercise during the cool-down to increase flexibility and prevent soreness and injury.

First choose a type of activity that you will enjoy and that’s convenient for you.

Walking is the most popular type of exercise and it’s safe for most people to do 23 Oct 2012 - bagaimana untuk menjaaga kesihatan melalui sukan fitness. I'm plays bowling and badminton - must have good agility and good power..

If you are unable to walk, you might choose swimming, chair exercises, or water exercises.

Fitness tips

Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and shoes for the activity you select. Walking with a partner can help keep you motivated and provide some support.

But, don’t rely on a partner who is not totally committed – that can actually be detrimental to your success. ” Doing too much too fast is one of the major reasons people quit their exercise program after the first few weeks. Set your first goal for one week and start slowly. If you’re not used to walking, begin very slowly.

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After the first week, gradually increase the length of time and frequency every 1-2 weeks.

Be sure to write in a book or on your log sheet how far and how long you walk each day 2 Jul 2010 - Popular Fitness Trends for Adults
Strength Training: Many people have realized the importance for general strength training and how it .

Use smaller rewards for reaching shorter term goals such as walking 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week.

Use larger rewards for reaching larger goals such as walking 5 days a week for a month. Instead, give yourself rewards specific to your interests – whether you enjoy taking a luxurious bubble bath or a night on the town with your spouse or friend. What Can PhysicalActivity Do For Me?  Give Me more energy 3.

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What Can PhysicalActivity Do For Me? Increase flexibility and strength Slow bone loss Provide better quality of life 5.

What Can PhysicalActivity Do For Me?  Build my muscle 6 4 May 2015 - Transcript of health presentation (fitness) -it doesn't have to be at a gym, you could just use the stairs or go for a run -if a person is elderly .

What Can PhysicalActivity Do For Me? Improve my sex life 7. What Can PhysicalActivity Do For Me?  Lift my mood  Treat depression 8.

What Can PhysicalActivity Do For Me?  Reduce stress and anxiety 9. What Can PhysicalActivity Do For Me?  Improve blood glucose control 10.

What Can PhysicalActivity Do For Me?  Keep my heart healthy 11. Getting Star ted  I’ll check with my doctor because: I’m 45 years old, worried about diabetes and high blood pressure 12.

WHAT CAN I DO…????Aerobic Activity Walking briskly Dancing Bicycling Hiking Jogging/running Skating Stair climbing Swimming Water exercise 13.

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Stretching Improves my balance and coordination Makes my more flexible Reduces stiffness Reduces my risk of injury 15.

How Can I Begin? Choose activity (example: brisk walking) Set a long-term goal - at least 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week Buy comfortable walking shoes Get a partner 16 Fleet operators shall ensure that driver fitness and health is managed. You have not read our driver fitness and health policy, handbook and associated .

Star t Slowly Set short-term goal for one week No Pain Do less than i think i can No Gain 17. Gradually IncreaseActivityBeginning Exercisers:First Week - 3 times a week Morning: Walk 5-10 minutes Lunch: Walk 5-10 minutes After dinner: Walk 5-10 minutes Keep track of how long and how far I walk each day 18.

Reward Yourself Use non-food rewards for reaching goals such as:  New book  Ticket to a play or ballgame  New clothes or walking shoes  Bubble bath  Get-away weekend 19. I’ll Be Fit and Healthy  FITNESS means “readiness”.

Fit people are better equipped than non-fit people.  The level of fitness includes all aspects of health and life.

 It affects physical, mental, and social health. The Parts of Physical Fitness Health - Related  Skill - Related Physical Fitness Physical Fitness  It helps me to perform  It helps me to well in sports and activities. Skill - Related PhysicalFitness I’m plays bowling and badminton - must have good agility and good power.  Good health does not come from being good in skill-related fitness.

MY Lifetime FitnessGoals  Step 1: Doing Physical Activity  Step 2: Getting Fit  Step 3: Self-Assessment  Step 4: Self-Planning  Step 5: Lifetime Activity  Step 6: Lifetime Fitness