Assignment 2Assignment 3Assignment 4Assignment 5Case StudyAdditional Homework QuestionsA-1) A London based company purchases two raw materials from the same supplier. 50 associated with each replenishment order, independent of how many items are involved. The purchasing agent feels that because of relatively high cost, he will always include both items in an order.

That is, the item replenishments are coordinated. The characteristics of the items are as follows: The demand for item 1 is 2000 units per year and the inventory holding cost is $0.

Similarly, demand for item 2 is 1000 units per year and the inventory holding cost is $0 IE 3103: Introduction to Supply Chain Modeling: Logistics. Spring 2004. Instructor: Spyros Reveliotis Homework Assignments. Homework #1 · Homework #1 .

Under the coordinated control, let T be the time in years between replenishments.

Find the best value of T and the order quantity for each item. A-2) In the classical EOQ model assumes that when we order Q units, we receive our order in two parts. The first part arrives immediately and contains Q (0< ≤ 1) and the second part arrives T units of time after the first part and contains the rest of the order ((1− )Q).

If shortage is not allowed what is the optimal order quantity, Q?A-3) Prove that the worst-case bound for heuristic developed in class for the single-warehouse multi-item model is tight. That is, construct an example for which the cost of the heuristic is twice the cost of the optimal solution.

A-4) Consider a multi-item model with n products, each of which with parameters, D